Eldercare Assistance Program

In the United States currently, there is an epidemic of lack of care for growing aging population. As the cost of living and health care rise and incomes are stagnant, many of our aging population are confronted with the issue of care and assistance in their day-to-day lives.

The growing aging population only exacerbates the issue as soon we will have 50-million individuals in the population with little to no care, unless they have the resources to self-pay for the quality in-home care they need and the notable decrease in in reimbursement rates for Medicare and Medicaid utilized by many of the aging population, make it difficult for individuals to receive acceptable care. This will undoubtedly provide an opportunity for private health insurance companies to bridge that gap, however with the cost of health care rising and the uncertain future of the affordable care act and lack of subsidies received by individuals purchasing private health insurance, we see a difficult path in addressing the immediate need of quality home care of the aging population.

VERUM Group's Eldercare Assistance Program seeks to address just one part of the affordable health care problem, by funding quality home care for our Elders and monitoring the Home Care Agency partners to ensure the recipients are cared for appropriately meeting a rigorous standard of care enforced by health care professionals charged with carrying out training, visits, and interviews of our EAP award recipients.


  1. Qualify 70-Elders Areas the program serves Sponsoring them at 160.00 per day: 58.4K Per Year- Per Recipient
  2. Qualify Locale Home Care Agencies and enrolling them in the VERUM Care Network Certifying their care to receive the contract for clients raising the standard of care. Certification includes:
    • Diversity Training
    • Dimension Care Training
    • Dignity Training Program
    • CPR Certification

Budget: $9MM Per year