Coventry Fellowship

Coventry Fellowship

Coventry Fellowship is designed connect with the forgotten members of society. Those on the fringes and rejected - to know they are accepted and are not alone!

Our Truth Seekers Circle are meant to bring them into the fold and know their need.

The COVENTRY FUND finds locations that can do the most good and build a community center where we house:

  • a Spiritual Center feeding the soul
  • a Cantina - Feeding the Body
  • a Seminars - Feeding the mind

Currently we're connecting with individuals in the following Regions:

    • South Florida
    • Tampa Bay
    • Hudson River Valley
    • Kenya - Africa
    • Greater Houston

about the center

  • Green Energy Self Sustaining
  • Community Garden Promoting healthy eating
  • Library & Area for After School Programs
  • Gym & Recreational Center for sports including pool, basket ball courts, and the like
  • Cantina & Cafe to feed the people at low to no cost
  • Medi-Clinic


  • $8MM - buildup & $4MM Yearly for sustainability (Per location)