Our exceptional team of staff provide students with a wide range of learning experiences to assist with their development. Making use of their diverse range of backgrounds, interests, skills and abilities, we are confident our staff are able to go above and beyond for our students.

Leadership Team

Jeanette Dunning (Principal)

Heather Nicholson (Deputy Principal )

Bev Cooley (Assistant Principal )

Team Leaders

Piwakawaka - Year 1

Kotare - Year 2/3

Linda Watson (Room 1)

Gemma Bluett (Room 2)

Anne Wilkins (Room 3)

Bev Cooley (Room 4)

Tui - Year 4

Avryl Shand (Room 10)

Gareth Owen (Room 9)

Kereru - Year 5/6

Additional Teaching Staff

Anne-Marie Baun (Reading Recovery)

Evelynn Miller (Learning Support)

Judy Redmond (Release)

Amanda Blandford (Release)

Rae Grant (Release)

Maryrose Barker (Release)

Sharon McGaffin (Gifted and Talented)

Support Staff

Jane Henderson (Teacher Aide)

John Kelly (Teacher Aide)

Sue Read (Teacher Aide)

Judith Leonard (Teacher Aide)

Troy Stanton-Kerr (Property Manager)

Leonie Sykes (Office Administrator)

Paulette Watt (Office Receptionist)