Verona High School

Program of Studies

Dear Verona High School Students:

This program of studies has been designed to assist you in planning your high school education. We hope you find it useful in making your course selections and in planning for your future. This booklet includes descriptions of all the courses and programs offered in the high school and it represents a starting point for you and your parents in building an appropriate program of studies.

Our curriculum is extensive and diverse. It is also constantly changing as the high school continually works to meet the needs of a dynamic student population. The courses you select should support your own individual goals for 2019-2020 school year and your objectives after graduation. If you have a special interest, examine the courses available in that area. If you plan to further your education, be sure you have checked with your counselor that you have included the courses necessary to meet the requirements suggested by the college, university, or technical school of your choice. Whatever your interests and goals, our curriculum has a course of study for you.

In planning a program which will best fit your needs, discuss your immediate and long-range plans and goals with your parents and your counselor. To learn more about the courses offered, you should talk with your teachers and the subject area supervisors.

Throughout your school years, you have been apprised of your academic strengths. By now, you should know yourself well enough to understand where your needs are and to expand your greatest effort in being the best, most fulfilled person you can be. The staff at Verona High School is here to help you so you can graduate with all the necessary tools for personal achievement.


Josh Cogdill, VHS Principal

Tom Lancaster, VHS Assistant Principal

Jennifer Gadaleta, Director of School Counseling