CrossFit Maroon and White


The Fairviewer Students Push Themselves to be Crossfit By Julia Mackey

CrossFit Maroon and White’s goal:

The goal of this program is to create well rounded functional students that can express competence the 10 physical skills cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy through strong foundations and proper technique. Every student or athlete may have different life or sport specific goals but these goals differ by degree not kind. A deficit in any area will result in performance below a students true potential.


The CrossFit Journal defines fitness so that meets the rigor of science. “Increased work capacity measured over broad time and modal domains. Work capacity is the ability to perform real physical work as measured by force X distance / time (average power). Without measurable, observable, repeatable data there is no science of human performance.” If something is important it needs to be measured and tracked. Everything students do in the fitness center they will be asked to track. If you can't track something you can't improve it. Students will be asked to log their workouts using our online tracker to record their progress. This information will let them know the difference between not just feeling good but actually being better human able to perform optimally with tangible results.


Every workout will train full body, energy systems and movements not body parts. You will use your arms and legs in all life activities, we will train the same way. Segmented training doesn’t translate to life or the playing field, we will train the way we play. Our workouts will consist of constantly varied exercises, functional movements and high intensity (HIIT). The level of intensity will vary for every student depending very strictly based on their core movement competence, their sport or season and how they are recovering from workouts. Our training sessions will always be technique first, consistency second and last increased intensity! If a student can’t air squat with correct form or they can’t jump without a valgus ankle or knee they will be required to work on their mobility, stability and certain core movements before they are aloud to use any load or increase any weight. We count rounds, reps or weights for accountability and data, NOT to move as fast as possible with poor or no regard to technique. If we record our daily workouts we don't only need to use 1 rep max lifts to see if a student is improving in any of these 10 physical skills. We can simply retest workouts, examine data and adjust programming accordingly. The core value of CrossFit is to build a strong confident base first and then introduce intensity or threshold training with that solid foundation as the focus.