Job Transitions

About Job Transitions

Transitions happen. Whether it's a particular role, culture, workload or job challenge, there are times when job expectations do not match reality.

Voluntarily or involuntarily, we have to move on to something new. Our goal at VFA is to work with you to tackle the challenges of a job transition and create sustainable solutions as you move forward on your entrepreneurial path.

Job Challenges

Job challenges are inevitable and you’ll hit a professional roadblock on occasion, but that does not necessarily mean it's time to find a new job. If the challenges you're facing are significant enough to make you consider leaving your job, take some time to fill out this Job Challenges document to detail your areas of concern and determine strategies for making improvements, check out the resources aligned with your concerns in the VFA Library, and then schedule a call with your Community Director or VFA point of contact to discuss.

If the challenge you are facing is that your company does not foster an open and inclusive workplace, and especially if you are witnessing or are the target of discriminatory practices - which may include but are not limited to racial slurs, unfair hiring and promotion practices, or sexual harassment - it is important that you let us know. (See our full policy that requires Company Partners to foster open and inclusive workplaces for more detail.) Please fill out this Inappropriate Incident Report Form to notify us of your experience. This form is confidential and is limited in access to a small group of VFA's Senior Leadership Team. If you do not feel comfortable with the listed parties viewing your response, please directly email our Chief Program Officer, Sara (Williamson) Strasburg, at to schedule a time to speak.

Job Changes

Finding a new job is a time consuming and difficult process – It will require a positive, resilient mindset and a significant commitment of time and energy. VFA will be here to support, guide, and assist you in the process, but taking ownership of where you land is critical to a successful outcome.

    • Fill out VFA’s Job Transition Form to help us understand what you're looking for in your next role (while this survey will take a few minutes of your time, it will allow our team to better support you through the transition process!).

    • Check out Job Search Resources.

Reminders & Expectations:

  • As detailed in the Professional Integrity Pledge that you signed during Training Camp, the expectation is that unemployed Fellows have 90 days to find a new VFA approved job, so use that as a timeline. That said, we want you to find the right job, not just any job. If you’re getting close to the 90 day mark, we can have a discussion and reevaluate.

  • While VFA is here to support you throughout the process, Fellows need to lead their own search. Please be proactive about reaching out with updates and specific requests for how we can provide support. Communication and keeping us in the loop is your responsibility!

  • If you’re looking for your Community Director to make an intro to a company, be sure to email them a short blurb about your experiences. Make it tailored to that company so they can easily forward it along (here’s an overview of self-contained forwardable emails in case you need a refresher!).

  • If you’re interviewing with a company that isn’t already an approved VFA partner company, you must run that company by your Community Director of VFA point of contact before accepting an offer so we can ensure that it is mission aligned.

  • Fellows must be living in a VFA city and working for a company with an office in a VFA city in order to remain a Fellow. If you are accepting an offer that does not meet this requirement, your Fellowship eligibility might be jeopardized. See Fellowship Exceptions for more information.