City Leadership Council

About City Leadership Council

The City Leadership Council (CLC) was created to provide Fellows with an in-city leadership development opportunity and to advance the VFA mission in each VFA city.

Fellows that serve as CLC Leads are provided with the unique opportunity to advance the fellowship experience for other Fellows, develop key leadership skills, and grow their network within their VFA city.

A CLC exists in each of our VFA cities and is made up of four Fellows who collaborate and support their Community Directors in carrying out the VFA mission. CLC Leads help design, implement, lead, and promote in-city initiatives, programs, and community events.

NOTE: All the City Leadership Council roles should be held by Fellows at the 1-year mark. Cities that do not have enough 1st year Fellows, can nominate 2nd year Fellows as well. Fellows from both years will participate in voting for their city.

City Leadership Council Roles

City Lead:

The City Lead will serve as the leader for a city’s City Leadership Council. This role will oversee the completion of in-city initiatives, programs, and opportunities and be responsible for communication between the VFA team, the CLC, and the local Fellow community. This individual will need to exhibit strong leadership skills and foster collaboration among Fellows in their city.

Programs Lead:

The Programs Lead will serve as the leader for all in-city programming. This role will be responsible for the completion of in-city programs. The Programs Lead will work with the City Lead and Community Director to determine the scope and agenda for in-city programs. This individual will need to exhibit strong time-management and communication skills.

Community Lead :

The Community Lead should foster community engagement by sharing resources, events, and opportunities among the local VFA community. They should support VFA’s national programs as well as city-specific events that aim to have a positive impact on the local community. This individual will need to exhibit strong time-management and communication skills and have an interest in community involvement.

Entrepreneurship Lead:

The Entrepreneurship Lead fosters entrepreneurship in their community by supporting VFA’s national entrepreneurship programs as well as city-specific events. They are responsible for leading ideation sessions, promoting national VFA Entrepreneurship programming and engaging with community events focused on entrepreneurship. This individual will need to exhibit strong leadership and creative problem-solving skills and have an interest in advancing the local start-up ecosystem.

To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of each CLC Lead, click here.

CLC Expectations & Requirements

  • Attend monthly CLC meetings

  • Attend a quarterly CLC All Hands meeting

  • Attend CLC Orientation during virtual Redux

  • Serve in a specific role working directly with the VFA team to advance the local Fellow community

  • Serve in the role for the full term and be a leader in your VFA community

  • Communicate with VFA team members on a regular basis

  • Own specific projects that advance the VFA community

  • Use VFA funds in ways that align with VFA's mission and advance/develop the VFA community with approval from your Community Director

CLC Nominations & Selection

Self-nominations and CLC selection takes place in May and June of each year.

City Leadership Councils for 2020-2021 by City


Austin Stout, City Lead

Emily Miller, Programs Lead

Kristy Reed, Community Lead

Adeel Afshar, Entrepreneurship Lead


Ana Soule, City Lead

Sophanie Occean, Programs Co-Lead

Edan Coben, Programs Co-Lead

Clare Ubersax, Community Lead


Yoni Greenberg, Programs Lead

Emma Balin, Community Lead

Griffin Brody, Entrepreneurship Lead


Brianna Dzuricsko, City Lead

Nicolette Young, Programs Lead

Kanav Chhabra, Community Lead

Jordan Ford, Entrepreneurship Lead


Phil McHugh, City Lead

Meghan Wilson, Programs Co-Lead

Anna Masica, Programs Co-Lead

Ellie Teller, Community Co-Lead

Bryant Istre, Community Co-Lead

Tagan Horton, Entrepreneurship Lead


Nathan Zanzig, City Lead

Anna Tomani, Programs Lead

Bennett Coltman, Community Lead


Emilie Eros, City Lead

Leah Proctor-Ford, Programs Co-Lead

Ayah Rashid, Programs Co-Lead

Nithin Vejendla, Community Co-Lead

Rana Modamed, Community Co-Lead

Ashton Keys, Entrepreneurship Co-Lead

Sarah Smith, Entrepreneurship Co-Lead

Kansas City

Wilson Horn, City Lead

Alex Tran, Programs Lead

Kevin McPherson, Community Lead


Jonah Chates, City Lead

Rachel Dunnam, Programs Lead

Oliver Kruze, Community Lead

Liam Kelly, Entrepreneurship Lead

New Orleans

Majida Halaweh, City Lead

Jamie Shear, Programs Lead

Colin Liu, Community Lead

Travis Smith, Entrepreneurship Lead


Stephen Worley, City Lead

Lacey Janofsky, Programs Lead

Orion Choy, Community Lead

Pratik Patel, Entrepreneurship Co-Lead

Kyle Chalmers, Entrepreneurship Co-Lead


Louis Mennel, City Lead

Miguel Avila, Entrepreneurship Lead

San Antonio

Anna Kirkwood, City Lead

Jarui Desai, Community Lead

Javier Melendez, Programs Lead

St. Louis

Lydia Ashburn, City Lead

Benjamin Kitchens, Programs Lead

Kennedy Brown, Community Lead

Caitlin Jones, Entrepreneurship Lead