VFA Essentials

VFA Essentials Presentations

Need a refresher on VFA Essentials, like Locus of Control, from Training Camp? Check out the below presentations.

Locus of Control_2019

Giving and Receiving Feedback Part 1_2019

Giving and Receiving Feedback Part 2_2019

Self Management__2019

2019_Self Care and Startups

2019 Moving to a VFA City.pptx

Management 101

Growth Mindset__2019 FINAL


2019 Transitions

Everything Startups

This guide was created for candidates and new Fellows, but is a fantastic resource for all Fellows and Alumni. It covers:

                • What a startup actually is and what it isn’t
                • What startup jobs can look like
                • How to find the right opportunities
                • What to do to nail the interview
                • How to be a seriously great startup employee
VFA_Starting at a startup_5.7.19.pdf