Mentorship at VFA

We know that having mentors accelerates career growth and we’ve been working to formalize our mentorship program to give you access to the fantastic humans who make up the entrepreneurial ecosystems in our cities and beyond! Our mentors are entrepreneurs, industry experts, change-makers, company leaders, VFA Alums, and more.

Core Mentorship

This is mentorship for a three-month cycle. It is opt-in for all current Fellows, but we highly encourage you to participate. You and your Core Mentor will have one monthly meeting (virtual or in-person). Your Core Mentor will serve as a champion in your corner, providing you subject matter expertise, advice on navigating challenges, and professional growth strategies. After the three months, you will have the option to extend your Core Mentorship with them or rotate to another mentor during the next cycle.

How it Works:

You will be matched with two to three mentors based on criteria we’ve identified that are key to mentorship and others you’d like us to consider. You’ll then have the opportunity to connect with each of your mentors before making a final decision.


We will do two mentorship cycles a year, one in fall and one in spring. Exact dates TBD.

Expertise Mentorship

Expertise Mentors are in our VFA Mentorship Database and make themselves available to address any industry- or role-specific questions you have. There is no commitment for ongoing mentorship and you can reach out to as many mentors as you’d like to offer their expertise on a subject.

How it Works:

To connect with an Expertise Mentor, create a profile on VFA Connect to request an introduction. Once the mentor accepts your request, you’ll receive an alert with their personal email to follow up with them directly.


Year round!