Help us recruit the next class of Fellows.

Your participation in recruitment is vital in growing and shaping each incoming class. In recruitment, word of mouth is the main way that people hear about VFA.



  • Deadline 1: August 27
  • Deadline 2: October 4
  • Deadline 3: November 21
  • Deadline 4: January 31

How You Can Help

Click here to let us know how you’d like to help recruit the newest Fellows.

Champion VFA on College Campuses

Click here to let us know how you’d like to recruit applicants.

One fifth of all applicants hear about VFA from a Fellow or Alum. We’re excited about amplifying this word of mouth effect by supporting Fellows in returning to their alma mater or representing VFA at schools in their cities.

As a volunteer recruiter on campus, you’ll represent VFA through presentations, classroom visits, meetings with campus stakeholders, and 1:1 coffee chats. We’ll plan most of it, train you, and expect that you use your visit to inspire people to apply to VFA. In many cases, we’re able to reimburse for travel costs.

Call with Applicants

Get on the Phone with Applicants

Click here to let us know if you want to get on the phone or a video call for 30 minutes with applicants.

If travel isn’t possible, then we’d love to have you get on the phone with applicants. Applicants tend to have questions about the Match process and what Fellows aspire to do in the future.

Share your stories over the phone to help applicants feel more connected to VFA.

Make a Difference by Referring High-Potential Applicants

Click here to refer potential Fellows.

In 2019, 35% of referrals ended up receiving offers and 23% of them became Fellows. Referrals are a powerful tool for you to boost the chances of people you think could be good fits for VFA.

See below for what we’re looking for as you’re making referrals.


  • Mission Alignment: Excited about living and working in a VFA city and making an economic impact. Interested in being a startup leader or future founder. Wants to work at a for-profit startup for two years
  • Ability to Contribute: Would be a stellar contributor at a startup, for example, they have accomplished impressive things in the past and would be a great team player
  • Character: Exhibits positivity, integrity, flexibility, and an ability to take risks

Perks for Referred Applicants

  1. They will automatically move to the essay stage of the application
    • In the 2020 application, the first stage asks applicants to submit academic accomplishments and three activities that relate to startups and entrepreneurship. Applicants who meet our criteria at this stage move onto the essay stage, where we ask them to write about why they want to join VFA, pitch themselves for a startup job, and upload their resume
  2. At the essay stage, they will receive a second look by VFA’s Selection Committee

Click here to let us know if you’d like to help people decide on their offers.

Last year, we had a record amount of Fellows and Alums helping people who receive offers make their decisions in a process we call confirmation. Once we make offers after Selection Day, we’d love for all Fellows and Alums to get on the phone with people who are deciding. Help people make the best decision for themselves by sharing your experiences as a Fellow.