Alumni Board

About the Alumni Board

The Venture for America Alumni Board has two primary objectives: creating the best possible experience for VFA alumni and organizing the alumni network to support VFA.

Committees Overview

Alumni Relations

Alumni Relations encompasses three main initiatives: alumni programming, communications, and fundraising. The purpose of the AR committee is to foster continued connection among alumni by creating events, platforms, and other ways that allow alumni to connect. We also aim to encourage alumni to give back to VFA.

Company Partnerships

Company Partnerships encompasses three primary objectives: sourcing and evaluating quality opportunities for Fellows, guiding Fellows during the placement process, and engaging company partners and establishing their expectations for current Fellows, future Fellows, and VFA.

The purpose of the CoPa committee is to connect Fellows to opportunities where they will grow personally and professionally, while establishing what it means to be a Venture for America partner company and communicating this with current and future partner companies.


The Launch Committee encompasses two primary objectives: connecting current Fellows and alums with Fellow Founders, and encouraging Alumni participation in Launch programming and general Launch efforts.


The Fellow Programming committee is focused on fostering alumni engagement and alumni experience. The committees objectives span alumni events (Graduation, Reunion, Venture Weekends, etc.), mentorship programs, and strategic partnerships all meant to increase alumni engagement and create opportunities for the alumni community to take advantage of.


Talent (comprising Recruitment and Selection) encourages participation in, and feedback about, VFA’s recruitment and selection efforts.