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Welcome to Ms. T's teacher website!

About the author:

Ms. T graduated from UCI earning her bachelor's in biological sciences in 1998. (Yes, don't let looks fool you - she's older than she looks!) She continued her post graduate degree from UCSB for her teaching credential. Her love of life long learning spurs her to keep current in field of expertise always being excited to try new methods from CUE, NSTA, and CSTA conferences at VUSD since 1999.

Her mission is to help students explore and investigate evidence of science concepts displayed in our tangible surroundings in hope that they develop an appreciation of life because science is a way of studying the world around you. She loves to see students grow in the learning process and guard their rights to learn so please ask questions and she especially loves out of the box thinking questions that go beyond the standards. Remember, she's here to help you succeed!

Fun Ms. T Facts:

    • She loves puns hence the title and quoting music
    • She's allergic to dogs and cats so has guinea pigs instead (Angel and Bugaboo. She LOVES animals!)
    • Her husband's last name is of German descent pronounced like "skewer" but with a "th" sound.
    • She is considered "fun size" since she is 4'11"