Castro's Space

Hello and welcome to my space. I have been a teacher for VUSD for 22 years. During this time I have thought students math 6 to algebra 1, Spanish, science 6, and math & science 7/8 for the bilingual student. My undergraduate work was completed at UCLA, my two credentials were obtained together with a master's degree at CSUN. I also had the opportunity to teach at Ventura College bilingual classes in their Information System program, Windows. Fun fact: I was in a Disneyland commercial while attending UCLA.

I am honor to have you in my class. In my math classes my goal is to help you further your understanding on how math works in the real world. In my foreign language classes, my goals are that not only you would learn to speak, write and read in a second language, but also you would learn the culture of those countries that share a common language.

I love helping young minds make sense of the concepts taught in class. Please, if you ever need help, more than what I provided in class, come and see me. I am always available. Remember I am here to help you.