Blogs Sem. 1

Blog 16: Jan. 10-15

This week in Dtech, we got to go back into the lab! I was there on Tuesday, and that is when we finally finished our "test" screen printed shirts. Me, Cameron, Zen, and finn all made our "own" shirt, so we ended up with 4 different test shirts. With these four shirts, we played around a bit with how long we should leave the heat on it for, and how many times we should slide the ink on it. Once we had taken each shirt home and tried washing them with out different washers/dryers, it turns out that the shirt I took home turned out the best. I think that going through the process of testing out 4 different shirts was SUPER helpful, because now we know what to keep doing and what to avoid. On Thursday, I went into the lab again, and this time we took team photos. Unfortunately, one of our team members were not there, so we mostly just messed around and took "fun" pictures. This was super fun! Ending the week, I just turned in my project checklist #1. I decided to do it for the limited run earrings that Cameron and I are planning to do. I was no completely sure what the exact prices would be, so I had to somewhat guess on the quote calculator. Other than that, it was a pretty good week!

Blog 15: Jan. 4-9

This week in Dtech was kind of slow. I was able to listen to Tuesdays zoom, but on Friday I did not have any cell service, so I was not able to join the zoom. On Tuesday we mostly just met up and talked about our plans for the end of the semester. I heard that on Friday, we (the class) got in a little bit of trouble, because we have not done much this semester. I do have to admit, I have not done as much as I had wished. Everything has been so off with this year, and as much as we hope that we will be able to go back to school full time (or at least hybrid), Im just not sure that is going to happen. Even though I have been going into the lab at least twice weekly, I still feel like it is hard to focus and get everything that needs to be done in such a short amount of time (Although, two hours each week is better than nothing)!! Anyways, I think we are doing the best we can, and I feel like Lodestone is a bit overwhelmed right now, because we have a lot of potential jobs, and we are just not quite sure how we are going to get them all done. I am sure we will figure out a way!

Blog 14: Dec. 14-18

This week in Dtech was a good week. I went into the lab on Tuesday, and mostly just helped with organizing different things around the lab, and cleaning it. I did not realize how messy the lab was... not going to lie it was kinda gross! Sadly, I had to miss the Dtech trivia show on Wednesday because it was my birthday and I was not at home, but it sounded like it was a lot of fun. I was not able to go to the lab on Thursday because I had a math zoom at 12:00 then I was volunteering out in Camarillo at 1:00. I wish I would have been able to go in yesterday because i'm pretty sure Finn, Zen and Cameron might have done a test shirt for our Lodestone shirts. Anyways, I know I am going to have a lot to do once we get back from break, so I am very excited about that!

Blog 13: Dec. 7-13

This week in Dtech, I got to go into the lab on both Tuesday and Thursday. We started the week with working on the emulsion on the shirts. We did the first emulsion run on Monday, but it did not expose correctly. So on Tuesday, we cleaned the screen and re-did the emulsion. When we came back to the lab on Thursday, the screen was done exposing, so we had to use the pressure washer to get some of the excess emulsion off. This kinda worked, but it could potentially turn out very interesting as well. We shall see! Next week I think we will do a practice shirt.

Here is a piece that we made - we want to be able to use the laser cutter to be able to create custom designs into the circle part of the necklace.

Blog 12: Nov. 30-Dec. 6

This week in Dtech, I didn't get to make it to the lab as much as I hoped I was going to. I had family things come up both Monday and Tuesday so I was not able to go then, but I got to go to the lab on Thursday. During this time, Cameron and I focused on our limited run project, which is going to be jewelry, specifically necklaces and earrings. I love wearing jewelry, so I am very excited for this project because I feel like we will be able to create new and fun pieces that maybe are not as "mainstream" as other pieces that different stores sell.

Blog 11: Nov. 16-24

This week in Dtech we finally got back into the lab! I really enjoyed seeing my team again, because it had been a while. We are planning on creating Lodestone shirts. We wanted to start with this project because since we have not had much experience making t-shirts, we didn't want to have our first attempt be on actual customers. Next week we will actually start screen-printing the shirts, but for this week, it was mostly planning. I am so happy to be back!

Blog 10: Nov. 9-15

This week in Dtech, we mostly talked about the different precautions we have to take when returning to the classroom, but we mostly focused on talking about the process of starting a new job/getting all of the financial parts of the job worked out. This process seems a little confusing when you just look at it, but I hope when my team is actually in the lab all together, we will be able to figure it out. Speaking of going back to the lab, I am signed up to go in on Tuesday! I am super excited, my first project is going to be helping Abby with making t-shirts. I am really looking forward to this upcoming week!

Blog 9: Nov. 2-8

This week in Dtech, we learned that we will be able to actually go into school and work in the pod starting soon! I am super excited to finally get some work time, I cant believe that we are already in second quarter and we haven't done any projects! We have to finish three projects by the end of quarter 2, and as of now, I know of two projects that I am helping in. I am going to help Abby complete the shirts that her mom wants made for her work, and then I am going to help finn print out some stickers. I am sure I will find another project to do by the end of the quarter. For now, this is my plan, and I hope to get into the Dtech pod as soon as possible!

Week 8: Oct. 19-23

This week in Dtech was mostly a work week. On Tuesday, Mr. Li gave us most of the period to work on our business venture project. During this time, Abby and I started designing our product, and the logo. We also started putting together our slide show. Abby and I worked really well together, and the work was split up really evenly, so it made this project seem like a piece of cake. We designed the actual product, which you can see on the left. This is an eco friendly plastic bracelet that dispenses hand sanitizer onto your hands whenever you need it, so you will never forget your hand sanitizer at home again!

On Friday when we met, every group got to do a short elevator pitch. I really wanted to do our pitch, but sadly I got strep throat at the beginning of the week (I have been tested, I do not have covid, haha!) and I had completely lost my voice by the end of the week, so I could not do the pitch. Abby did a great job with the pitch, so it could not have gone any better. Overall, this project was super interesting. I have learned so many things in the past week about marketing and business that I was not expecting to learn.

Heidi Fedde & Abby Murphy: "The Bracelet Sanitizer" Business Venture Assignment
Here is our slideshow... it goes through our whole business plan!

Week 7: Oct. 12-17

This week in Dtech, we continued our Business venture assignment. Abby and I are working on creating the "Bracelet Sanitizer". I am actually super excited about this assignment, because we get to do an "elevator pitch" at the end of next week in front of the whole class (AKA the whole zoom), therefore we will get to see everyone else's ideas and pitches. This is going to be a super fun way to end the quarter!

As I said above, we are finishing up the business venture assignment. On Wednesday of this week, we turned in the "business model". This was pretty much a professional layout that Mr. Li found of an actual business model used in the real world. This was kind of scary to look at in the beginning, but once Abby and I started filling it out, it was actually quite fun. We got to come up with different factors such as what type of client we want to sell out bracelets to, and how much money it would cost for the whole production process. Now, of course, this is all "made up" but it was still super interesting to think of these things, because as we get further into Dtech this year, we are going to need to start thinking about these types of things.

Week 6: Oct. 5 - Oct. 11

This week in Dtech, we learned more about how to prototype a business model. Mr. Li finished up his presentation, and it was super interesting to listen to. It was super captivating to learn more about how to build a business, and how much work really needs to go into building one. I always knew it took a lot of effort to create a business, but I was never really sure of the exact process; but now I know!

This week we also started building our own business model. I am in a group with Abby Murphy, and we are creating a product that will help in the "Covid world" aka the world in which we live today. Abby and I have decided to create a "bracelet sanitizer". This is a bracelet that has built in hand sanitizer in it, so if you are ever on the move and you realize you forgot your hand sanitizer, you and just eject some onto your hand, or onto a surface near you. This product will be made with reusable plastic, and we will be "partnering" with a sustainable hand sanitizer brand.

We have not finished filing out the chart quite yet, but this is what we have so far.

Week 4: Sept. 21 - Sept. 27

This week in DTech was a very calm week. We have an upcoming project about different business ventures, so we were supposed to be working on that throughout the week. I am actually somewhat excited about this assignment because I am very interested on researching some of my favorite big companies and learning more about their business plan. Additionally, at the end of this week, we had the chance to have a house meeting, which was super nice because we got all caught up on the plan for this year.

I chose to incorporate this quote into my blog post because I think it is very important for my house to keep in mind when starting this year off.

Earlier this week, Mr. Li gave a lesson on "using design thinking to understand entrepreneurs". This lesson was very important to pay attention to because it truly showed how entrepreneurs succeed when starting their small business. I learned that there are three lenses of innovation, the three being desirability, feasibility, and viability. With these three concepts combined, it helps you figure out what your viable business plan is, what the peoples needs are, and what technological feasibility the company has. We also learned about the "secret sauce" of a business, and the idea of a company's business intent. These two ideas are what makes your business different from others.

Week 3: Sept. 15- Sept. 8

This week in Dtech, we discussed many things ranging from who is doing what within our house, to upcoming jobs. Additionally, at the end of the week, we started learning about "the startup" of entrepreneurship.

As a house, we (Lodestone) are all very excited to begin this year. We already have some jobs lined up, one of them being making shirts for Abbys moms work, and another job making buttons. I am super excited to start these new jobs, as hopefully we can get the ball rolling and really prepare ourselves, and our team for the upcoming school year. Although nobody is certain what this year is going to bring, I am trying to have an optimistic outlook on opportunities that arise.

At the end of this week, we started discussing the "startup" process of entrepreneurship/DTech. Mr. Li shared a very helpful slideshow that explained many concepts such as what a startup actually is, what a startup disruptor can do, and the four major types of capital. This was super helpful to learn, especially since we are going into our final year of DTech. This was a very helpful presentation, and I am most definitely intrigued to learn more on the subject of a startup business / company.

Week 2: Sept. 8 - Sept. 13

This week in DTech was another successful week. Starting off the week, we had our first "official" house meeting where we got to discuss our new house logos, our websites, what machines we want for our house, and many other important things. This was a super helpful meeting, because not only was it nice to see everyones faces again, but it was nice to talk about upcoming projects with my team. Right now, we are focusing on finishing up t-shirt designs for Abbys Moms work, and we are hoping to make some buttons (if we can borrow the button maker from the lab). Additionally, in this house meeting, we discussed what machines we want for this semester. Because everything is online, we get the chance to choose up to 3 machines that we (as a house) can take home with us. My house (Lodestone) chose two screen printers and one Cricut machine (because Cameron already has an additional Cricut at her house). This was a super fun way to start off the week, because I feel like it got everyone pretty excited for what this semester has in store for us.

As you can see in both of the pictures I posted, my results are below the mean. I guess we will see if this is true or not during the span of this year!

Later in the week, we were assigned a short article and video to watch. They were both about being an entrepreneur. Additionally, Mr. Li sent out a "test" for us to take, which pretty much told us if we had the mindset of an entrepreneur, or not. While taking the test, I really was not sure what my results were going to be, but it ended up that I do not have the right mindset to be an entrepreneur. I am not sure I totally believe these results are 100% correct because I did not have very strong opinions when answering the questions for the test, because they did not give you many options. Of course, I wold love to be seen as an "entrepreneur", but I am not going to let this one test result limit me. The two pictures I have posted with this blog are some of my results from the test. It says I am below the median for all the questions, yet I am still skeptical whether this is true or not.

This is a quote that Mr. Li added into his presentation. I think this quote is something that all "dtechers" should keep in mind while going through this year.

One concept that I think will be very helpful when starting this year (for my house) would be the concept of "barriers of entry". Barriers of entry represent the difficulties many start-up businesses have at the beginning stages of creating their business. Some examples of barriers of entry are the risk of failure, the cost of capital, economies of scale, and competition. It will be important to keep these ideas in mind when Lodestone starts creating more product.

Week 1: Aug. 31-Sept 6

Wow! I cant believe I am already in my senior year. Oh how time flies! This week in Dtech, we started learning about the basics of entrepreneurship. I learned many new concepts such as the difference between a small business owner, and an entrepreneur, what "barriers of entry" means, and what a "bootstrapper" is. Although these three concepts are all very important, I think learning about who and what a bootstrapper does, is the most important when relating these concepts back to Dtech.

A bootstrapper is "a person who relies on their own resources to solve a problem or pursue an undertaking" (Wikipedia). I think this term is so important because throughout Mr. Li's whole presentation, he kept saying how he and Mr. Miller are truly bootstrappers. Through this, I can see how Dtech really works, and it gives me a whole new understanding of the process they had to go through to get Dtech up and running.

The quote to the right "a true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer" is my answer to the question of "do you see yourself as more of an entrepreneur of worker?". I see myself as a little bit of both, but mostly an entrepreneur. In order to succeed, you have to be a little bit of both in the business world. I see myself as an entrepreneur because I know what I want to get done, and I get it done. I believe everyone in my house (Lodestone) is an entrepreneur, because we all take risks in order to better our "business".