The Network of the European Public Employment Services

Our Network members are the Public Employment Services (PES) of all 28 EU Member States as well as PES from the EEA Member States Norway and Iceland and the European Commission. The Network of European Public Employment Services - the PES Network - is welcoming you to gain an insight on who we are, what we do, how we do it, and why.

For further information we recommend the EU Commission website on Public Employment Services, here you can find for example our Knowledge Center or a range of shared PES practices. Practitioner´s toolkits, analytical papers, reports and inspiring practices as well as other learning outcomes from Public Employment Services across Europe can be explored. Our webpage and the related sites provide information for practitioners, researchers, stakeholders and the general public.

This activity has received financial support from the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation "EaSI" (2014-2020). For further information please consult:

The PES Network´s main Topics and Action Fields

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Further PES Activities across the Network

AMS (AT) and BA (DE) on Quality Management and other issues such as LMP and refugees´ integration

Ongoing exchanges and workshops on challenges and good practices with regard to the implementation of quality management, external and internal PES assessments and risk management are on the agenda. Furthermore, there is a regular exchange on different issues such as LMP or the refugees´ integration (already 4 meetings took place in 2017).

AMS (AT) and Arbetsförmedlingen (SE) on the developement of new services and processes

Triggered by the Benchlearning´s assessment, AMS looked to the Swedish "Greenhouse-Technique" and the "Journey of Renewal" for exchanging on good practises and further developing AMS´ processes and services.

AMS (AT) and Töötukassa (EE) on the counselling process

AMS plans an a delegation visit to the Estonian PES in order to improve the efficiency and quality of counselling and to mutually exchange.

Le Forem (BE-Wallonia) and Pôle Emploi (FR) on digital strategy, regionalisation of employment matters, organisation of training within a PES and links between jobseekers support and control

Le Forem to learn about Pôle Emploi's digital strategy, based on the user’s experience (January 2017). An on-the-ground technical visit devoted to the use of digital tools by the employment counsellor as well as a visit to the agencies was following to have a deeper look into implementation. Forem's experience in the regionalisation of employment matters, the organisation of training (in-house and with providers) and the setting up of standards to ensure both support and monitoring of jobseekers was the subject of a meeting in Brussels.

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