Change of Major

Change of major/minor

Before initiating a change of major, concentration or minor, students should contact the office administering the program of study and carefully review the requirements and prerequisites. Credits previously earned at Virginia Commonwealth University or another university may not be applicable to the new academic program.

To request a program change, students should submit the Change of Major/Concentration Form or the Change of Minor Form. The change becomes official after Records and Registration has received authorization from the appropriate school dean, department chair or program head.

Changes made through the add/drop period will apply toward the current semester. Changes made after the add/drop period are effective for the following fall or spring semester, and changes made during the summer sessions are effective for the following fall semester.

Pre-professional programs

Students interested in a pre-professional program may select one of these advising tracks in addition to their current major. Attend a Program Interest Workshop for more information. Contact University Academic Advising with questions.

  • Pre-dentistry
  • Pre-law
  • Pre-medicine
  • Pre-optometry
  • Pre-physical therapy
  • Pre-veterinary medicine
  • Pre-occupational therapy
  • Pre-radiation science

Students Changing FROM Forensic Science to something else are not required to meet with their Forensic Science advisor prior to changing their major. Students should contact the program to which they wish to change directly.

Students Changing TO Forensic Science from something else are required to meet with the Forensic Science advisor to finalize the change of major process to discuss the professional behavioral expectations associated with the major, their individual progression in required coursework, and impact to graduation timeline.

Students should send an email to with their availability to meet for a 30 minute appointment during the next 5 business days (Monday-Friday).

Undergraduate Open House

If you are interested in the Forensic Science major, please review this presentation for more information about our major, concentrations, faculty, and behavioral expectations for the field.