Why is the A big?

Why is the "A" big? Arts, Academics, or Athletics. Whatever you want to do, we at the Vincennes Community School Corporation want you to succeed at it. We offer a variety of Art, Academic, and Athletic programs designed to excite, inspire, and encourage our students, staff, and community.


Painting, sculpting, singing, marching, dancing, or drawing, we encourage our students to express themselves artistically. Whether it is on the stage or in the studio, we support our students and their art.


From our elementary schools to our early college, we offer numerous academic programs and activities to challenge our students, while preparing them for the future.


Competition, cooperation, and comradery. Athletics encourages us to become better, build relationships, and learn real world lessons. Whether our students are just learning or trying to earn a scholarship, we have athletic programs available for them every season.

"A" Big Community

Our focus is not just on ourselves but on our community as well. Without a strong community, you can not have a strong school system and without a strong school system, you can not have a strong community.


For more information about all the things we offer, please answer the questions below.