LHS Chromebook

Acceptable Use Policy

Technology AUP 20172018.pdf

Updates For This School Year

  • Repaired devices will NOT be returned to students until the repair fee has been paid. Students will be allowed to use classroom loaner devices until the damages have been paid for.
  • Take home loaner devices will ONLY be given to students with device issues. Take home loaner devices will NOT be given to students who have physical damages (cracked screen, broken keyboard, etc...). Students with physical damages will be allowed to use classroom loaner devices that stay in the classroom.
  • Voluntary insurance is still $20 per student or $30 per family. Each student/family will have up to 30 days after enrollment to sign up for the voluntary insurance. If a student/family wants to enroll in the voluntary insurance after 30 days of enrollment the price increases to $40 per student and $50 per family. As a reminder the DEVICE MUST BE PRESENT WHEN ENROLLING INTO THE VOLUNTARY INSURANCE PROGRAM.

Early AUP and Insurance

  • By completing the Chromebook AUP online early (on or before Tuesday, August 1) students will receive their Chromebook during first period on the first day of school. Any students completing the Chromebook AUP after August 1 will have to pick up their device from the media center.
  • Students are also allowed to sign up early for the voluntary insurance program. This can be done in the front office of the high school Monday through Friday until end of the day Tuesday, August 1. LHS summer office hours are 8:00 am - 11:30 am and 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm. Once school begins student can enroll in the voluntary insurance program in the media center.

Online LHS Chromebook AUP

The online LHS Chromebook AUP form is now closed. You will now have to complete the AUP using the paper form that can be picked up and turned in at the high school media center.