An Anglo-Saxon Funeral

One day, after falling asleep in Brit Lit, you wake up to find yourself standing with a group of what looks to be Anglo-Saxons. You look down and find yourself dressed in a light brown tunic, a leather belt, and leather boots. You start to panic--you're not in the 21st century anymore. You try to figure out what's happening. Everyone is so somber. There's no joy here.

A few young men carry something on their shoulders. A bed. With the body of a teenage girl. They lower it to the ground. A grief-stricken woman--perhaps her mother--lays a small cross on her. She steps back, and the men begin to build up her burial mound.

The whole scene is peaceful, but you can't help but wonder what you've landed into. "What happened to her?" you whisper to the person next to you. It comes out before you can see it's a burly red-bearded man, almost twice your size. He glares and pulls out his sword.

"You're not one of us. Who are you? I will seek justice for my daughter's death." His voice echoes, and everyone in the crowd turns to you. Even the burial stops. You have to find a way out and back to Brit Lit.

Solve the codes below to save your life, or risk your life facing an Anglo-Saxon sword.

A map showing the general locations of the Anglo-Saxon peoples around the year 600, based upon Bede's account.

Excavation of the Sutton Hoo Burial Mound

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