ROP Cybersecurity Honors

In today’s digital world threats from cyberspace are real and dangerous. Cyber Security Honors introduces the basic principles and best practices of cyber security and online identity protection. Topics include information security, ethical and legal practices, and mitigating cyber vulnerabilities. Students will practice incident response and analysis and test the integrity of modern information systems. The course will incorporate CompTIA skills, Linux, and explore the possibility of forming a CyberPatriot team, and other cyber security competition teams. Upon demonstration of skills, students may take the ComeTIA Security+ exam as part of their coursework. Students passing the CompTIA Security+ exam are qualified for careers in the following sectors: Security Analyst, Security Engineer or Architect, Intrusion Detection, with career options growing dialing in this high demand field.

INF-170-Information Support & Services
1 Year
Information & Communication Technologies pathway course or instructor approval
11 & 12
Yes (g)
20 per year

ROP Interactive Media & Simulations, Introduction & Advanced (Game Design)

Learn to code and prepare for a career in game, software or web development.

In this project-based class, students learn to code in the C# and JavaScript programming languages to create a game prototype, a mobile app, and a web-based application. This course will prepare you for the Unity Certified User: Programmer certification. Students will be prepared for a future in these careers: Game Developer, Software Developer, Front-End Web Developer.

This is a Dual Roster course - Introduction and Advanced. Note: This is an updated Game Design curriculum to address industry demand for simulations. This course may include an online component. It will be submitted for UC-G approval summer 2020.

175 Games & Simulation
1 Year /150 Hours: 16 Week/Semester
11 & 12
Yes (g)
10 per year
Unity Certified User, Programmer

ROP Advanced Naval Technologies

Advanced Naval Technology (ANT) exposes students to the high-tech careers and culture of working for the Department of Defense and regional DOD contractors. Students are introduced to technologies including systems engineering, radar, LiDAR, laser technologies, cybersecurity, hypersonics, and advanced materials for marine applications. Naval Base Ventura County is Ventura County’s largest employer. Learn about the variety of careers offered, and earn a Certificate of Completion, giving students a competitive edge on college and scholarship application and/or applying for jobs on our Navy bases.

999 - Multiple Pathways
1 semester
Concurrent enrollment in Math 3 or higher
11 & 12

10 per semester