Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help my child be ready for screening?

A good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast are the best preparation for screening and testing.

How do I find out what my child's screening or testing results?

You can access your child’s Parent Portal account and navigate to the Standardized Test Results to view your child’s gifted screening scores. Your child’s gifted screening score will be available on Parent Portal. The login credentials are the very same username and password that your student uses to log in at school.

Why are students screened and tested?

According to VBCPS policy “All first and fifth-grade students enrolled in VBCPS will be screened in the classroom of their neighborhood school in September or October to ensure consideration for gifted program services. First and fifth-grade students who are not currently identified for gifted services and who score at the 90th percentile or above on the screening instrument will be referred for additional testing to determine eligibility for gifted services.”

How are student referred?

Students can be referred by anyone, however, only a parent or guardian has the ability to open an application online for their child. Once a parent opens an application for their child, the process has officially begun. Screening and testing data and teacher referrals are added to the online application at different dates. The application is reviewed by an eligibility committee.

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