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WHY READ? INFO Graphic Kelly Gallagher, Deeper Reading 2004

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!


Interested in current events?

Here you can find links to news sites such as:

  • CBBC
  • CNN - student news
  • Kids Post (Washington Post)
  • Nat'l Geographic
  • New York Times
  • PBS News Hour for Kids
  • Time for Kids

...and more.

Satisfy your appetite: Add a daily dose of science to your reading

Last week, today.

Read news that interests you! Select your grade level and read away. What is "fodder" anyway?

"Each person has their own perspective on events, ideas, and experiences." Gain a new perspective through links to newspapers around the world.


"Books are no more threatened by [eBooks] than stairs by elevators." Stephen Fry March, 2009

CLEVER offers links for eBooks on TumbleBookCloud & AudioBookCloud

80+ Free classic eBooks


Explore, your source for true stories about notable people.

Generation Make - Read all about young people who decided to make a big impact on their world NOW!

What are people talking about in your world? Read, get informed, and form an opinion.

Explore Kelly Gallagher's Archived Articles of the Week


If you missed it in English class, you might find what you are looking for here...

variety of reads in the short story genre

Retold folklore from each of the 50 United States: myths, legends, tall tales, spooky stories.


Whether you like silly Shel Silverstein, or thought-provoking Robert Frost, there's something for everyone here.

Feel like you are stuck in the middle? You aren't alone! Here, other middle-schoolers share their thoughts.

Looking for something specific? Search a theme or occasion to find something that tickles your fancy.

Classic poems, including Jabberwocky, considered to be those we all should recognize. Take a look.