January 16, 2019

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a restful break.

An "Hour of Code"

What is computer programming? Who writes the code that makes a computer work?

Can you think of ways that everyday life is affected by coding? When, where, how?

How does coding work? Want to give it a try?

November 28 - What are the skills and knowledge that can help me accomplish tasks on the internet safely and more efficiently?
  • Instant activity - Keyboarding - typing.com

Continue working toward completion of the NorthStar Internet Basics Assesment

Try it today, and/or continue your learning using one of these choices:

November 5 - What skills and knowledge could help me browse the internet more efficiently? How can I learn advanced browsing tips and tricks?

Instant activity - Keyboarding - typing.com

Exit Ticket

October 22 - How can I create a resume if I happen to need one?

Introduction to creating a Résumé

Read, Write, Think's Résumé Builder - No formatting experience required. No account required. Can save your progress and come back to it. Completely Free! No strings attached. Low possibility of frustration.

We'll look at using Microsoft Word resume templates next week. (Formatting experience recommended, increased possibility of frustration)

Possible choice activity, time permitting:

  • Digital Literacy - NorthStar Module 2, Internet Basics, GCFLearnfree.org - Internet Basics
  • KhanAcademy.org (create an account, start a course/lesson)
  • Keyboarding practice - Typing.com

Exit ticket

Homework - Gather information necessary to complete your résumé

October 10
October 1

Introduction to Digital Literacy - Northstar

Create a folder

Exit ticket

September 24

Are you prepared for the upcoming November 6th Election?

Are you registered to vote? Are you sure? Have you moved since the last election? Do you know where your polling location is?

You can register to vote, update your voter information, or confirm your registration on the City of Virginia Beach's Voter Registration and Elections website.

Here are a few hints on where to find what you are looking for on the site.