Vandalia-Butler Partners with Schools Personalized Learning Platform (Schools PLP)

Vandalia-Butler City Schools has partnered with the Montgomery County Educational Service Center (MCESC) and Schools PLP to offer each student an individualized online learning experience. This online learning option provides students with access to quality, standards-based curricula that incorporates both core coursework typically experienced at brick and mortar schools with a variety of electives to create a truly engaging, personalized learning experience. Online learning allows for flexible, personalized, student-centered learning with support from our Vandalia-Butler staff.

Learn about Schools PLP

The platform combines an effective classroom management tool and a customizable learning management system with online curriculum. The company began as an LMS (Learning Management System), then added curriculum content from Lincoln Learning, Bright Thinker and eDynamic Learning and rebranded as SchoolsPLP.

SchoolPLP's team of more than 200 employees has taught thousands of students using state-of-the-art curriculum delivered within the best learning management system. The organization consists of many former educators who understand the need to use digital curriculum to satisfy the passion for today’s learners.

Course Selection and Customization

There are many standards-based courses in which to choose. Each course may be customized by teachers to create a personalized and appropriate experience for each student. Courses will be selected by Vandalia-Butler personnel to align with the district goals, vision, and mission.

*For secondary students, course selection will be limited to those SchoolsPLP classes that mirror courses in the Butler High School and Morton Middle School programs of studies. Secondary student's online schedules will be based on the student's current assigned schedule for the 2020 - 2021 school year. Secondary students interested in additional programming should contact their school counselor.

*SchoolsPLP will follow the Vandalia-Butler City Schools grading scale which may not be demonstrated in the SchoolsPLP information videos.

Additional Information

If you choose this remote learning option for your child you will receive an email in early August outlining additional details.