Welcome to Office of the Bursar

As the Chief Finance Officer of the University, Bursar is responsible for developing and implementing a sound internal control system in line with financial management to provide timely financial information to internal and external stakeholders.

Financial management of the University is governed by the financial regulations, conveyed through circulars and circular letters and also by the directives that may from time to time issued by the Treasury, Ministry of Higher Education, University Grants Commission and the Governing Council of the University.

The university funds, whether internally generated or received by way of Government grants, subsidies and loans, allocated from the Consolidated Fund through the Government Budget to meet Recurrent and Capital expenditure, are public funds. The management has a responsibility for the efficient utilization of public funds in the best interest of the public. Fund Management is dependent on how effectively revenue is generated and expenditure is controlled.

Key functionalities of Financial Administration Division 

Preparation of Annual Financial Budget of the university.

Request funds from funding agencies and manage them.

Received all monies paid into university.

Provision of funds for day to day operations.

Make all payments with proper authorization.

Maintain the financial information system.

Preparation and presentation of management information reports for decision making.

Preparation and presentation of Annual Financial Statements.

Preparation of annual procurement plan and maintenance of store function.

Management of finance for recurrent and capital expenditure activities according to the annual financial budget.

Maintaining of records on investments of funds in banks.

University of vavuniya is newly established with limited infrastructure facilities, we are still looking for Public Private Partnership to enhance our facilities to fulfill the requirement of our stakeholders. 

Mr. L. Ramramanan


B.Com(Hons), ACMA(UK), CGMA(USA)

Tel : 24 2222437 

Email : bursar@vau.ac.lk