Welcome to the Maintenance Unit

Maintenance Division is responsible for the development and maintenance of land/s, buildings and other infrastructure facilities of the University for the smooth functioning and achieving the academic and administrative goals of the University of Vavuniya.

Key Functionalities :

  • Monitoring and certifying for payment of the ongoing Capital works

  • Designing, estimating, executing, quality controlling and certifying for payment of the Rehabilitation works

  • Planning the infrastructure developments according to the proposed masterplan

  • Repairing and maintaining utility services such as electricity, water and sewerage system etc.

  • Repairing and maintaining the buildings, roads and other infrastructure facilities

  • Repairing and maintaining fixed assets such as furniture, plants, tools and machinery etc.

  • Carrying out preventive maintenance and breakdown maintenance works

  • Landscaping works :

    1. Landscaping and beautification of the entire University premises

    2. Ensuring establishment and maintenance of landscape architecture, courtyards, flower beds, hedges, shady trees, footpaths and pavements, etc. in liaison with Maintenance Division

    3. Managing and maintenance of all fauna and flora of the university land by watering, fertilizing, weeding and pest controlling

Eng G. Thanushan

Engineer / Maintenance Unit

Tel : 024 222 8237

e-mail : worksengineer@vau.ac.lk