Staffers & other Angels

The heart and soul of Vaticon every year! Staffer are responsible for the on-the-day running of the con and are organised by the Vaticon committee members, their main responsibilities involve signing people up, chatting to gamers about games and often, playing games! - And they get a slot off every day they work and free con entry, t-shirt and limited edition Vaticon 25 Die! Its a pretty good gig for anyone looking to get into gaming/convention-going or convention management.

Committee & other Lunatics

Planning & preparation for Vaticon 25 in underway and in progress - but we're never one to turn away a good soul looking to help, or a brilliant idea for that matter!

If you think you'd be great and managing and scheduling a million GMs and their games, or would be Queen/King of organizing the Prize wall, maybe you have a knack for getting sponsorship and free stuff off companies? Or you have a revolutionary way of tracking the rentals of boardgames?

Whatever your ambition or ideas - We'd like to hear! If you think you can help make Vaticon 25 the best it can be, contact director@vaticon.ie

GMs and other Wizards

So you have a good imagination, or you wrote a game that went down really well with your friends and you'd like to share it with more?

If you'd like to put an RPG/LARP forward to be played at Vaticon 25 then fill out our game submission form! We'd love to hear from you!

Also GMs get free Vaticon entry, a Limted Edition Vaticon 25 Die and Prize Wall Tickets on arrival!