Special Events

The Annual Pub Quiz!

For as long as I can remember the Pub Quiz has been a highlight of any gaming convention, Vaticon 25 is no exception!

For on this Magical evening we will gather in honor of His Excellency, Sciuris Vaticonus with drinks of alcohol, bubbles and hopefully some of those sick little umbrellas, to test our wit and worthiness in the face of unrelenting mental challenges!

As usual there will be rounds and there will be categories, they will all be game/film/media related and only the truest of true multi functional team of con-goers will secure victory against all those who compete!

It is the greatest honor, and thus the greatest challenge!

If you would like to sign-up it is 2.50 per person on a team.

Registration 17:00 - 17:50

Event Starts at 18:00 in the UCD Student Bar (Downstairs)

Group Games

With The Clockword Door

Need somewhere to hangout, meet new people and play so, so, so many different games. Well have we got you covered. With the help of our amazing friends at The Clockwork Door we have a ton of fun group games for you guys to play with Mafia, werewolf, two rooms and a boom, keep talking and no one explodes VR, funemployed, cash and guns, giant pass the pigs and jackbox party pack.

Saturday and Sunday 12:00 17:00 Quad Room