The Main Event

The pricing shall be at a simple €5 as the pricing has often been.

Your humble €5 shall grant you entry to the event for the whole weekend.

Upon purchase of a "Con-Pass" you will be issued a ticket, it may be a lanyard it may be something else (and by that i mean a wristband or a badge - I'm not going to give you a Vaticon 25 musket to carry around all weekend) you will be expected to retain and display this pass for the duration of the time you are present at the con. As any staff or committee member of Vaticon 25 may ask to see it before registering you to other events or renting you boardgames.


Parking in Hourly Pay areas on UCD is free at weekend and Friday evenings - other times its €1 per hour or €3 for the day.

Dublin Bus

Travel via Dublin Bus from City Centre to UCD is €2:15 with a Leap Card or €2:85 Cash. If you're coming from further away it may be €2:60 and €3:30 respectively.