Card Games

The Usual Please!

As we always do Vaticon will be the best place to be for card games this weekend. We will be hosting The War of the Spark Prerelease, an Elemental Challenge in L5R, as well as a Pokemon Prerelease for the upcoming set Unbroken Bonds.

Magic Prerelease

Join us at Vaticon in UCD for our biggest Magic event of the year! War of the Spark represents the epic conclusion of a years long story where the minions of Nicol Bolas will engage The Gatewatch and their allies in all out war for control of the multiverse!

Registration will open at 10:30 and Prerelease Packs will be distributed at 11:00.

Each participant will use the cards in his or her Prerelease Pack plus any number of basic lands from our land station to build a 40 deck with which to do battle against their fellow Planeswalkers.

There will be a prize pool equal to 2 booster packs x the number of player's in the tournament. Every player will get at least one prize pack and the remainder will be distributed among the players with a positive win:loss ratio.

Saturday and Sunday 10:30 Astra Hall

Pokemon Prerelease

Be the first to check out the new cards in Pokémon: Unbroken Bonds!

At prerelease you get 4 packs and an evolution pack in order to build a deck and get a chance to try the new set before it's even released!

Our Pokémon Professors will be about to help with building a deck and any other questions you may have during the event.

Prizes: There will be 3 booster packs per player in the prize pool for these tournaments. Each player will receive two booster packs at the tournament's end and the remaining boosters will be shared out among players with a positive win:loss record.

Sunday 11:30 in the Astra Hall

Elemental Challenge

Hosted by Vaticon, UCD's student-run Convention, the Irishl5r Team are running an Elemental Challenge on the Sunday of the Convention.

Every participant will get some promos only available at Elemental Challenges, as well as the opportunity to acquire other prizes based on wins, with the overall victor at the end of the event receiving a free Bye for a future Elemental Championship.

The tournament will be 5 rounds of Swiss with no cut, with Registration running from 9am to 10am, and the first round starting at 10:15am.

Cafe Brava