Accommodation in Dublin . . .

. . . Is a nightmare. And for that I apologize. City Centre is expensive and not within walking distance, near UCD is still expensive.

Some options close to UCD are listed below. Click on the name to go to their website.

Alternatively you can use Airbnb

2-Star BnB

Walk to Vaticon: 15 min

5-Star Hotel

Walk to Vaticon: 25 min

4-Star Hotel

Walk to Vaticon: 35 min

Friends on UCD?

Obviously the best place to crash would be on UCD itself!

UCD Student are allowed have overnight guests.*

If you're not a student living on Campus but know one, and they've agreed to let you stay over, dont forget to make sure you're signed in on your friends SISWeb account!

Why risk getting kicked out when you don't have to?

*Overnight Guest policy will be revoked close to exams.