Targeted Buildings


The following section of tabs includes more detailed information and images of some of the primary buildings that need to be addressed as part of the Campus Master Plan. This is not a comprehensive list of all the buildings in need of attention or even of all the buildings that will serve crucial functions throughout the implementation of the Campus Master Plan (CMP). For example, though no analysis is devoted to the Old Laundry Building, it will undoubtedly serve a key role in helping to facilitate the staging space required in the CMP. There also exists a number of projects labeled "Unsequenced Priorities" under the Planning and Recommendations tab that readers can consult.

Each building presented in this section is considered in relation to how well its current configurations line up with the values and goals outlined by Vassar's Campus Master Planning Committee. The information provided under inclusive learning community, sustainability, and building preservation considers how future renovations and uses of each particular building can strengthen each of these strategic goals and values. The information provided does not intend to limit or prescribe a singular vision or plan of action for each building. Rather, each section is meant to serve as a starting point for discussing the range of inherent possibilities for each building with respect to academic programming, student life, administrative functionality, and Vassar's Climate Action Plan.