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These Vashon-based resources are just suggestions, and not endorsements from the Vashon Island School District.

Affordable Internet Access

If you are eligible for one of several kinds of public assistance and need affordable internet access at home, Internet Essentials has high-speed internet for about $10 a month.

Free access to Comcast hotspots

Comcast has enabled free access to it's home based hotspots. Neighbors can help provide free wifi to others. You can find the hotspot nearest you on this page

Additional information from Comcast about low priced offerings during the crisis.

More resources for low income households seeking discounted internet connectivity. Not all options may be available on Vashon.

Learning Opportunities

Vashon Events maintains a library of musical instruments to borrow at no charge.

Mode Music has recently expanded to Vashon and is accommodating modifying lessons to either one-on-one lessons or online instruction.

The Island's radio station is continuing to work with high school-aged students, building technological skills and contribute to on-air content.

Healthy Activities

Activities in nature

An island community member makes the following suggestions for activities that get students outdoors. In all cases honor guidelines of social distancing.

    • Pick a number of Vashon trails (10, 25, 50) and record walking them all.

    • Record in photos or drawings native plants blooming along trails (Develop a description of habitat, etc.)

    • Participate in Heron Meadow restoration work (Sign up in advance online with limited participation slots; bring own tools; honor guidelines of social distancing, etc.)

    • Organize your own beach cleanup; photograph results and team members.