Each group has that one member than goes beyond what is required and always willing to carries the load. Each group should submit 1 member of their team to be formally recognized by the Council for their contributions to their group. Any Officers and or member can submit a written nomination for their Team.


The Lisa Hannon award is in memory of Lisa Hannon, a former Incident Commander (now known as Search Mission Coordinator) who died while en-route home after a mission. (See below for more information about Lisa).

The award is to recognize an outstanding volunteer SAR member who:

  • Actively participates in Search and Rescue, especially by responding to missions
  • Has built bridges among SAR teams
  • Displays the qualities of Lisa – optimistic, professional, always a kind word for everyone, serious, enthusiastic about SAR, significant life achievements

Any VASARCO affiliated person can submit a written nomination to the Awards Committee. The nomination needs to describe how the nominee meets the criteria. The winner will be selected by former recipients of this award.