Varig Technologies

Varig is a technology company that aims to make it simple and profitable to design, build and operate buildings that have a positive impact on the environment, their users and society as a whole.

Varig was founded in February 2019 by Renate Straume and Norselab. Renate has over 10 years' experience as a leader in the construction business, whereas NORSELAB has demonstrated success in building meaningful tech companies from scratch. Varig is set to launch its first product end 2019; this solution will make sustainable operations of buildings radically easier. The second solution - developed for sustainable building projects - will be launched beginning of 2020.

Our Story

Construction is known as the 40% industry. Globally, construction and operations of buildings use 40% of the resources and produces 40% of the CO2 emissions. We want to change this.

Today, we have everything we need to implement sustainability in this industry. However, very few actors succeed. Why? The interdependency of processes standards and communication lines is utterly complex, and challenging to seize.

Varig develops advanced technology to structure and automate the access to information in both the project and operations phases. Varig will also help organize communications lines across the ecosystem. Building owners, maintenance professionals, tenants, contractors, architects and engineers will be access software interfaces customized to their needs.

Varig will help you answer these questions

  • How can you prioritize actions depending on the sustainability goals you have for your building?
  • What is the timing for the different actions you need to take in order to reach your sustainability goals?
  • In the operation of your building, what is the impact of the taken measures on your sustainability goals?