No Shave November

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, they don’t know what they’re about to face. Chemotherapy, surgeries, radiation treatments, and long stays in the hospital significantly restrict what it means to be a kid. I think it’s fair to say that it’s a course of events we would never wish on anyone.

The mission of the U-M Mott Children’s Hospital Child Life department is to do everything that they can to make life in the hospital as normal as possible. Crafting, gaming, fun events, and quiet conversation...all of these are the purpose of Child Life, and they do it well. For many kids, Child Life is the reason they can get through their time in the hospital. For Amie, the employees of Child Life were her friends.

In an attempt to give thanks (see what I did there?) to those who give so much to others, we are co-launching No Shave November (with a twist!) for anyone in Van Buren Public Schools, and our connected community, who wants to participate. Here is a website we’ve built to showcase those who are choosing to look awful for a month, to raise money and awareness for a great cause.

No Shave November is an event where, for a month, the participants choose to not shave to raise money and awareness, for a cause. The wonderful people at Mott’s Child Life took care of Charlie from her time of diagnosis in July 2011 through her death in August 2012. They helped Amelie from September 2012 to her death in February 2015. Instead of funding research, we want to directly benefit the ones who cared for our kids, and all the kids who are under treatment (even one VBPS student) right now at Mott.

Participants in VBPS are each raising money at their individual buildings in unique ways, tailored to what works best for them. However, if you want to donate to their cause, you can! You can either drop off any school for one of the participants or use this link to donate virtually through PayPal.

Any questions? Reach out to Mike Sherman or Jason Strzalkowski, and we’re happy to answer any questions! Feel free to keep checking back in at our website over the month as we grow...and grow...and grow.

Charlie Sherman

Amelie Strzalkowski

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