Please see here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This list will grow over time as we organise this camp.

NZSL Videos are being created for the FAQs

When is the camp?

From Monday 22 January to Friday 26 January 2018

Where is the camp?

Palm Grove Christian Camp, Kapiti Coast Click here for map (You will be taken to Google Maps)

Who can go? Anyone who is Deaf, Hard of Hearing (It does not matter if you have Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implants or none). You also do not have to be receiving support from van Asch or Kelston Deaf Education Centres. If you are still unsure, email us and we can let you know.

How much will the camp cost?

It is free! All travel to camp, accommodation, food and travel back home will be covered - thanks to the New Zealand Sign Language Board for the funding to cover all costs.

How do I register? Currently, you can only express your interest - click here or go to the Expression of Interest form. This does not guarantee your placement in the camp. Full Registration opportunity will come in July / August 2017.

What do I need to bring? This information will be supplied later, once our full programme has been confirmed

Can my friends come? If they are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and enrolled in a High school in 2018, they can register their interest too. However, we cannot guarantee that your friends will come with you - but do not panic, this camp will be a great opportunity for you to meet new friends too.

How can I communicate if I do not know NZ Sign Language (NZSL)?

You have the opportunity to learn NZSL before you arrive, and this camp will be an opportunity for you to learn to communicate. We will have Interpreters on-site as well to ensure that communication is not a barrier.

Learn NZSL @ http://www.learnnzsl.nz/ and nzsl.vuw.ac.nz

Who is on the organising committee? The organising committee is made up of staff from both Deaf Education Centres. Representing Kelston is Daniel Greenwood, James Pole and Angela Lindsay. Representing van Asch we have, Darryl Alexander, Chris Sinclair, Nirvana Graham and Pollyanna Fergusson.

To learn more about these awesome people - here is a profile page about each committee member.

How will the Deaf / Hard of Hearing criteria be identified/met?

If you are not enrolled at Van Asch or Kelston Deaf Education Centres, or their satellite schools, nor are you receiving RTD services, we may request an audiogram or letter that is no older than 12 months that demonstrates the hearing loss levels of the camper. If this could be an concern/issue for you, please contact us.

Does the camp have the support of van Asch and Kelston Deaf Education Centres? Yes, this camp is fully endorsed and supported by both Deaf Education Centres.