What does it mean to be in Scholars?

What is Scholars?

TRMS Scholars is a middle school level advanced, rigorous academic program for high achieving students. The primary goal of this program is for students to receive a quality education and prepare them for the Advance Placement classes in high school. TRMS Scholars students prepare for the IB (International Bachelorette) program at Citrus or the Scholars Programs (at Rancho Verde HS or Orange Vista HS). All three high schools offer qualified students a rigorous, yet highly structured curriculum with the objective of preparing them for university-level success upon graduation from high school. The TRMS Scholars Program hand selects the top incoming students and allows them to develop academically through Pre-AP (middle school level Advanced Placement) courses. The Scholars Program faculty works closely with students to instill in them the value of hard work and personal character. In addition, while learning to approach academic life thoughtfully and creatively, the Scholar students also learn to appreciate their local and global communities and recognize their ability to positively impact these two worlds for the benefit of all.

The Journey Begins:

The Tomas Rivera Middle School Scholars Pathway begins in the Spring of 5th grade through a rigorous application process. Selected TRMS Scholar students will be part of an exclusive group of scholars who will be placed in a pre-AP (Advanced Placement) rotation with a selected group of highly trained teachers. The goal of TRMS Scholars students is to get invited to the exclusive high school program at Citrus Hill (IB), or the Scholars programs at either Rancho Verde or Orange Vista.

TRMS Scholars Pathway

Scholars student will have the opportunity to create a successful pathway beginning in their 6th grade year at TRMS to their 8th grade year. TRMS Scholars Program believes that the students success can be determined by forming a strong partnership between the school, the parents, the community, and especially the student. We are excited about offering such a wonderful program!

Grades 6-8th Scholars

1. Scholars will attend an orientation meeting with parents at the TRMS “Back To School Night”, and ongoing meetings throughout the school year.

2. Students will be required to maintain at least a 3.6 GPA throughout the year.

3. Parents and students must sign and date a TRMS Scholars Contract highlighting the terms and conditions of the program.

4. Scholars will have Pre-AP classes throughout the day.

5. Student must be placed in higher level Math classes.

6. Student will be using technology responsibly throughout the school day.

7. Students will have access to enriching and rigorous electives (Spanish, Band, Art, Peer Tutoring, STEAM, etc.)

8. Students will complete community service hours (number of hours based on grade level).

9. Students will participate in mandatory academic activities throughout the year (ex. STEAM Competitions, History Day, Science Fair, etc.)

Scholars Club

The purpose of the Scholar Club is to fundraise for the Jr. Scholars students so that we can do more fun activities!

1. Designs t-shirts for the Scholars students

2. Plans events on campus (for example: Astronomy Night)

3. Plans visits to fun places (for example: Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm)

4. Helps built leadership & teamwork skills in Scholars students

How to get involved in Scholars Club

1. Come to the Scholars Club Meetings every month (we hold meetings the 1st Wednesday of the month August to May)

2. Participate in fundraising activities

3. Get community service for being involved in Scholars Club sponsored school events.

4. Be an active member of Scholars Club!