After School Sports Program

WELcome to sierra VIsta's middle school sports!

General Information


  • 1st Season: Cross Country (September 3rd - October 13th)
  • 2nd Season: Boys Football / Girls Volleyball (October 15th - Decemeber 1st)
  • 4th Season: Basketball (March 11th - April 27th)

General Information

Participation is voluntary with high expectations to continue.

    • Students will need to maintain a 2.0 GPA throughout the entire season in order to be eligible to participate and at least a C in PE.
    • Students are expected to maintain exemplary behavior.
    • All eligible participants practice for 5 weeks. After that, an "All Star Team" will be chosen to represent the school in an end of season tournament against the other schools.
    • Practices will be 2 days a week for an hour after school. Students are responsible for their own transportation and need to be picked up ON TIME after practice. If a coach has to continually wait for a student to be picked up, they will not be able to practice anymore. Athletes will be dropped after 2 missed practices.
    • The All Star Tournament is played in a round robin format and will take place the last Saturday of each season. Sierra Vista's team will play the 4 other 6th grade schools (Val Verde, March, Vista Verde & Thomas Rivera).


All Permission slips in every sport are DUE NO LATER than the Wednesday before the first week of practice. Please check the dates on each sport and their dedicated page for more information. Our counselor and administration need ample time to check grades and behavior before clearing a student to participate. NO EXCEPTIONS!