Safety & Security

"The safety and security of our staff and students is our number one priority"

The Department of Security has three main functions:

  • To protect our students
  • To protect our staff members
  • To protect School District property while school is in session and after hours

The Department of Security is made up about 30 fulltime District Security Officers overseen by a Chief of Security. District Security Officers are assigned to various schools throughout the Val Verde Unified School District. During an emergency, District Security Officers may be deployed to any school requiring assistance. District Security Officers are tasked with maintaining order on their assigned school sites and can serve as a conduit between students and school administrators. On a daily basis, District Security Officers deter crime and disorder as well as model positive behavior to the student population.

District Security Officers have received specialized training specific to school safety and the California Education Code in the following areas:

  • Laws of Arrest and Detention
  • Search and Seizure
  • Child Behavior
  • First Aid & CPR

The District also has nighttime and weekend security that protects our schools from theft, vandalism, trespassing and fires during non-student hours. All of the District Security Officers work in close relation with local law enforcement to ensure that all students of the Val Verde Unified School District are safe during the hours they are entrusted to our care.