Val Verde’s English Language Acquisition Program’s vision is to ensure that English learners attain high levels of English proficiency and achieve academic success, while preserving an authentic appreciation for their own heritage languages and cultures.


Val Verde’s English Language Acquisition Program’s mission is to foster our English learners' linguistic and academic achievement through high-quality education, to prepare them for college & career success in this 21st century global society, and to cultivate in our students a sense of pride in their heritage languages and cultures.


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Val Verde Unified School District's English Learner Goals:

  • To develop English Proficiency as
  • quickly and efficiently as possible
  • To provide academic success by continuing to develop academic English
  • To provide access to the core curriculum
  • To develop a positive self-concept among English Learners

Las Metas para los Aprendices de Inglés del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Val Verde:

  • Desarrollar aptitud en el inglés lo más rápido y eficientemente posible
  • Proveer éxito académico al continuar desarrollando el inglés académico
  • Proveer acceso al plan de estudios principal
  • Desarrollar un concepto personal positivo entre los Aprendices de Inglés

Team Member Position Extension

Carla de la Torre, Ed.D. Director, English Learner Support Services TK-12 & Family Engagement 10411

Adriana Vazquez English Learner Teacher on Special Assignment 10413

Ivonne Fuentes Language Assessment Center Supervisor 10491

Erika Velasco Educational Interpreter/Translator Supervisor 10745

Aurora Del Real Bilingual Assessment Technician 10492

Fernandina Palomera Bilingual Assessment Technician 10553

Laura Rodas Bilingual Assessment Technician 10493

Yolanda Villa Bilingual Assessment Technician 10552

Claudia Espinoza Bilingual Clerk 10551

Marcella Coto Bilingual Clerk 10746

Veronica Cruz Vazquez Bilingual Clerk 10747