University Guidelines

Building 'to and through'


You have come to the moment that you have been waiting for, and that is to take your first steps to becoming an adult. You have all worked so hard for the last 12 years and now you are here. Please "Trust the UP Process", and it will lead to where you intend to go! This is not easy if it were easy everyone would do it. But you have the skills to persevere and be bright lights on university campus' across the United States. Remember that you matter and that these next few months will determine where you land for the next 4-5 years. We love you and we are very proud of the young men and women you are becoming! Wolf Pride

Welcome, Seniors! For the last three years, we’ve been encouraging you to work hard in your classes, to volunteer in your community, to build relationships, and to explore your strengths and interests just so that you could see your potential. All of that culminates in your final year as you begin to prepare for the next chapter in your lives. In the next few weeks, you will begin applying to colleges, financial aid, and scholarships. Consider all that you’ve achieved and apply that to your personal insight statements and college applications. Think about what you want to do and where you want to be and plan the steps and goals to get there. Follow your aspirations and never give up. If you’re still wondering what you should do with your life, now is the time to get up the courage to explore your strengths and focus on that because that may be where your talents and interests are. We will help you and guide you through the college and financial aid process because we care. We want you to “Trust the UP Process” because it works.

Class of 2019, this is your year, a year of excitement that consists of stress, important decision making, sometimes tears, all to guide you to the next chapter in your life. Now that you are a senior you can begin to think back to the hopes, dreams, and goals that you would constantly set for yourself as a freshman, sophomore, and junior. It is now time to make that a reality. Of course there is eagerness to graduate, but before June 1st of 2019 there are quite a few things that need to be accomplished in order to get “to and through university.” University Prep Value High School was built with the purpose of giving every student the opportunity for higher education and we want to make sure that you have all the resources necessary in order for you to apply to a university. This year you are all enrolled in Senior Seminar, a class that not only prepares and assists you through the process of applying but also reminds you of the importance of the Five Core Values that will guide you to a successful life. It is now time for you to make the decision on where you want to go next, you will then begin to fill out college applications, you will be faced with the task of writing your personal statements, applying for scholarships and financial aid. Remember you are not alone, all of us at UP care for you deeply and ask that you “Trust the UP Process.” Now the challenge stands before you.

Dear Class of 2019, I know that by this point you have heard this a million times over, but this year is YOUR year. It's time to shine and show how much you have accomplished here at UP. As you begin your journey applying to universities, keep in mind that no one deserves this more than you. All the hard work and dedication you have put forth throughout your school years will soon be all worthwhile. At this point, we know that the thought of figuring out your future is stressful and can be overwhelming, but we BELIVE IN YOU and you should too. Together we will support and guide you as you take the next step into becoming functional citizens of the world This is the time that UP has been waiting for, our first graduating class and we know you all will do big things in life. Remember to keep living the values and to "Trust the UP Process", everything we do is to get each and every one of you "to and through" universities. Go Wolves!!!