The CARIN Alliance

Creating Access To Real-Time Information Now Through Consumer-Directed Exchange


The CARIN Alliance is a cross-sector alliance convened by David Brailer, David Blumenthal, Aneesh Chopra and Mike Leavitt in May 2016. Working collaboratively with government, its mission is to advance rapid adoption of consumer-directed exchange of health information across the U.S. Founding members approved the CARIN Charter on September 12, 2016.

Why Now

We believe that recent legislative and administrative changes have opened a window for rapid progress in 2017 to empower consumers to access,use and share their health records when, where and how they and their clinicians want. The CARIN Alliance is assembling a "coalition of the willing" to facilitate rapid change in 2017 and beyond.

What we do

The CARIN Alliance develops consensus standards and approaches to remove barriers to consumer directed exchange. Approved projects include:

  • The CARIN Trust Framework Project 2017 (for Consumer-Directed Exchange of Health Information)
  • The CARIN Technology Workgroup
    • The Medslist Exchange Project (in alignment with ONC)
  • The CARIN Policy Workgroup
  • The CARIN Adoption Workgroup

Opportunities to Participate

The CARIN Alliance is a membership-based collaborative. In 2017, we plan to open a limited number of new membership opportunities to nationally-recognized organizations in the following categories:

  • Non-Covered Entities
    • Consumer platform companies
    • Digital health app and device companies
    • Consumer-health information aggregators
    • Researchers
    • Health IT Providers
  • HIPAA Covered Entities
    • Providers, Payers, Clearinghouses
  • Business Associates
    • Health Information Exchanges
    • Pharmacies and Pharma
    • Labs
    • Health IT providers
    • Other

Learn More

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