eP3 Network

Empowering People with Privacy and Personalization


The eP3 Network is a multi-sector consortium of non-profits, commercial vendors, standards organizations, enterprises, research institutions, government agencies and individuals committed to empowering people with privacy and personalization.

This means giving people in every aspect of their lives the ability to

    • find, access and securely share information about them or that they’re authorized to use,
    • select personalized policies that deliver an unprecedented level of privacy and cybersecurity protection,
    • automate strict end-to-end compliance with diverse security and privacy regulatory requirements (HIPAA, FERPA, COPPA, IRS 6103, FISMA, EU GDPR, etc.) via certified cloud-based trust authorities,

while at the same time…

    • allowing individuals and society to benefit from shared services and networks for precision personalization, process optimization, and population research on a global scale.

The underlying catalysts for the formation of the eP3 Network are the Privacy Network and Unified Trust Model – breakthrough innovations that eliminate the inherent conflicts between privacy and sharing that plagues traditional enterprise-centric technologies. They allow people and organizations that don’t agree upon policies or trust each other to pool their most sensitive, regulated and proprietary data on a global scale to support population-wide analytics, precision personalization and access control via certified shared cloud services, while at the same time vastly improving cybersecurity and privacy protection for all participants.

Participants in the eP3 Network benefit by:

    1. Gaining access to better data and services.
    2. Receiving a portion of the value they help create.
    3. Creating or joining new networks to solve specific problems.

Participants are currently exploring opportunities in:

    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Cybersecurity
    • Consumer Online and e-Commerce
    • Child Safety and Parental Empowerment
    • Jobs and Economic Opportunity
    • e-Government and Citizen Services

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eP3 Network Summit in Washington DC - April 25th - 28th 2017

eP3 Network Launch at Health 2.0 10th Annual Fall Conference - September 2016

HIMSS 2017 - WebShield / eP3 Network / InterSystems Session

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