Intern Program

The purpose of the Valor Infinity Studios Unpaid Intern Program is to provide a program for students to learn and produce their own live content, work on existing content that the studio has in production, or a combination of both (broadcasting, film, music composition or gaming). This program will be broken up into six-month periods (blocks) and will include one or more of the following:

Podcast Broadcasting:

- Preparation and Production of a Podcast Show.

- Equipment selection, operation and maintenance.

- Recording a show (Solo, group, arranging guests and utilizing a producer).

- Distribution of content, publicity, and branding your show.


- Film Logistics/Location Planning

- Production Overview

- Prop and Set Design

- Script Development

- Cinematography

- Directing

Gaming Development:

- Table Top Role-Playing Game Development

- Video Game Development

- Card Game Development

Music Composition:

- Scoring a music composition for a film.

Office Management/Studio Operations:

- Customer Service

- Sales and Inventory

- Actor and Client Operations

- Public Relations

- Event Planning

Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited University with a 2.5 GPA and maintain some type of community service involvement whether it is volunteering for a local non-profit, taking part in some type of annual fundraiser or planning a community involvement project through the studio etc. We are currently in talks with faculty at Montana Tech to do a joint program. As information becomes available we will post it here.