About Valor

Valor is focused on closing the skills gap that has left thousands of manufacturing jobs open across the country. The Valor solution helps manufacturers solve today’s skills shortage by providing industry standard digital training designed to train new hires. The first area of focus is Mechanical Maintenance.

The training consists of web-based, interactive training modules that incorporate real on-the-job scenarios.

Creating these types of needed programs can be a large expense for companies to incorporate on their own.

The Current Condition in Manufacturing:

Most on-the-job training uses outdated training methods that are not engaging or effective. A majority of manufacturers indicate scheduling is one of the biggest challenges they face in training factory workers. Determining effectiveness, retention of information, and interrupting operators are also challenges faced by manufacturers.

The Problem We Are Solving

The nationwide shortage of skilled labor is driving change throughout communities. School districts and traditional higher ed are teaming up to create awareness of new skilled trade opportunities and change student’s perception of the industry. However, these changes will take several years to have any effect on the current shortage of labor.

How we do it

We surveyed several manufacturing companies across various industries and found that there are specific skill sets that are the same across these companies and industries. This general area is manufacturing maintenance. Additionally, many of the same skills in maintenance are needed at the production level. This training is designed to accompany physical on the job training/shadowing, once completed by the new hire or alongside of job shadowing.

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What We Offer

Our training covers specific concepts identified by employers that relate to 5 core areas: welding, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic. The information in the training is specific and delivers only the “need to know” information for the job level, leaving the background information and theory to be learned on the job. Training is administered on a computer, tablet or mobile device and includes video, audio, click through simulations and assessments.

What Employers Are Asking For

With job openings growing quarterly and no end in sight, employers are changing their hiring practices and taking on more risks and responsibilities to fill these open jobs.

  • A competitive advantage during the hiring process.
  • The ability to not rely on outside training & education to produce candidates.
  • Direct and to the point training that they can administer alongside job shadowing.
  • Confirmation new hires are absorbing on the job training.
  • Pre hire assessment that predicts comprehension of industrial manufacturing related jobs.
  • The ability to hire individuals with no experience that are trainable in the field.

What Companies Are Doing to Fix the Issue

  • Larger companies are partnering with local community colleges to customize training.
  • Some companies are hiring third party training companies to produce custom training.
  • Increasing wages to attract experienced people.