Mr. Morgano

6th Grade Math

Welcome to my class website. In my classroom, I respect each student as an individual and hold them each to high expectations. What I expect from you (student) is: respect for others at all times; a determined spirit when facing challenges; willingness to collaborate with others in the process of learning. This will create a positive classroom environment that will enable each student to grow according to their capacity.

In this website you can find class information, as well as a calendar with important dates that I will update on a weekly basis.

Link to Class Calendar

Here will be the agenda for the week. Please click on the event to get more detailed information.

Classroom Procedures

Classroom Rules:

Expectations (school-wide):

Listen attentively and be on task

Earn respect by using appropriate words and actions

Always come to class prepared and on time

Remain in assigned area

Need to keep hands, feet, and objects to self

As part of the VMS school policy, a “LEARN” mark is recorded with each infraction.

Enforcements: (Based on recorded “LEARN” marks)

1. Warning

2. Teacher/student conference

3. Phone call to Parent/guardian

4. Teacher Discretion

5. Disqualified from next BRTI celebration

What you should bring to class everyday:

  1. Your planner
  2. Math INB (composition notebook)
  3. A ready-to-learn attitude!


Tutor Time is held every Tuesday at lunch in Mrs. Metzger’s classroom (room 204). This is a great time to practice and get extra help from your teacher in a small group setting. Both 6th grade math teachers will be in there at this time. You may also schedule other appointments by email.


Formative Assessments (60% of overall grade):

This work is considered practice, allowing students to try new concepts, review skills, get feedback from the instructor, and/or work on class skills. Formative assessments can include: homework, quizzes, group work, small projects, and small writing assignments.

Summative Assessments (40% of overall grade):

This type of assessment allows students to show understanding and mastery of a concept and/or skill. Summative assessments can include: tests, projects, major writing assignments, and end of unit exams.


Homework will be given to students each Monday and will be due each Friday.

  • Students may correct incorrect problems (that were submitted on time) to receive half of the original value of each corrected problem. Corrected problems can be made on the original paper or completed on a separate paper and stapled to the original.
  • Late work will be accepted until the week before the end of each semester. All late work will receive a 10% deduction on final score. If the work is late due to an excused absence, there will be no penalty (work must be turned in when student returns to school).

How to improve a grade on test and quizzes:

Test and quizzes can be corrected to receive half of the original value. To receive points, students should first correct the problem. Students must also answer the following prompt for each question.

I originally thought the answer was _______ because ____________________________. Now I know the answer is _______ because __________________________________.


Students will be expected to find out what he/she missed in class when they are absent. Any missed assignments are due the following Monday. IT IS THE STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ASK THE TEACHER WHAT HE/SHE MISSED IN CLASS.

Vallivue Middle School Website

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."

-Winston Churchill

Alternate Tutoring

Free math tutoring is being offered for Middle School and High School students on Wednesday afternoons, 2:30 – 4:30pm, beginning September 5th at Trinity Lutheran Church in Nampa. Although we meet in a church building, this is not a religious event. Trinity is located at the corner of Midland and Lone Star. Two retired engineers on staff to help your students with their math. If you would like some further information, please call me, Ruthann Sutton, at (760)382-8578. We love Math!