K-5 Literacy Resources

Valley Central School District

Literacy Resources for Kindergarten Through Grade 5

The following resources are available through this website. Please notify your Literacy Consultant for further assistance.

  • Starting the Year - Plans for the First Weeks of School
  • K-5 Reading Curriculum
  • K-5 Writing Curriculum
  • Phonics/Word Study Resources
  • K-5 On-Demand Writing Prompts (Narrative, Opinion/Argumentative, Informative/Explanatory), Expectations, Guidelines and Rubrics
  • 2-5 Constructed and Extended Response Passages
  • K-5 Benchmarks and Running Record Resources
  • K-2 Primary Literacy Assessments
  • 2-5 Year-Long Assessment Grids
  • Verbal Path Resources
  • Schlagal Spelling Inventory 3-5
  • Tier I Literacy Interventions