Virginia Christian Univ

Library System

Library Management System

The Library shall be considered a major educational department of Virginia Christian University. The role of the Library shall be to enhance VACU’s objectives and to promote learning as well as to promote the discovery of new knowledge. The Library organization and administration must permit and encourage the fullest and the most effective use of available resources, including the Internet.


Research Information Sharing Service

It is an academic research informatization system provided by the Korea Education and Research Information Service. Since the opening of academic research services in 1998, as of April 2018, an average of 2.44 million academic researchers have used RISS services. In addition, it is the largest academic research information service in Korea with an average of about 81,000 visitors per day. It provides services to strengthen national research competitiveness based on the joint utilization system of academic information centered on Korean universities, and provides open services for the joint use of all academic resources produced, owned, and subscribed by universities. . In January 2010, the company has evolved into "RISS 2.0," a research and higher education teaching and learning platform that supports research in various fields, away from simple domestic and international academic research information service. Therefore, RISS can be divided into academic information search service and academic library support service for academic researchers.


Provides a bible passage lookup

Bible Study Tools

This was web consists many valuable resources, including commentaries, concordances, lexicons, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and more. A good resource at this web site: Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible

Free online resource for locating bible verses, commentaries, encyclopedias, etc.

The New Testament Gateway

Links to resources on the academic study of the New Testament and Christian Origin

Gutenburg Digital Bible

Contains 1282 pages of the Guttenberg Bible, plus additional information

The Holy Bible King James Version

This is a searchable publication of the American Bible Society’s King James Version with a quick verse finder.