Help Docs:

Adding Safari Bookmarks

Using QR codes with the iPads - and the VUSD QR Sharing Folder

The Basics of Chatterpix

Epic eBooks - set up account and create collections for students

VUSD iPads for students are managed through a "Meraki console" by district Tech.

ADDING APPS - Only VUSD Tech department can add apps. Purchased apps (beyond the list at right) will need to be paid for with site money.

AR RenPlace Validation - Validate with the district's RPID: VUSD-64WT

ARRANGING ICONS - Arranging icons is currently blocked, but may change.

BRAINPOP - Brainpop's free movie of the week can also be used to view all Jr. movies. Contact Barry in tech if it is not working.

CHARGING CARTS - iPads (and Chromebooks) can be left plugged in and charging without damage to them. If on school holiday more than a week the cart may be turned off to save power.

DISPLAYING THE IPAD - requires an Apple TV connected to the projector, or simply put the ipad under a document camera for a low-cost workaround.

HOME USE - yes, teachers can take an iPad home to practice, research, and work with them. They will work on home wifi. They must be brought back to VUSD each day.

LOST IPADS - Notify the tech department if an iPad is missing. Our console can identify if it is still on site.

STARFALL SUBSCRIPTION - Schools (Cooper and Markham) and TK classes that have a subscription to Starfall should use the "free" version, and contact Tech for login information.

VUSD Purchased Apps for 2016 iPads

(To be installed Feb. 2017)

  • 123 Ninja
  • ABC Ninja
  • Beginning Sounds Interactive Game
  • Dominoes Addition
  • Intro to Math
  • LetterSchool- learn to write letters
  • Monkey Math School Sunshine
  • Monkey Word School Adventure
  • Sight Words Ninja
  • Subitizing Flash Cards
  • Teach Me Kindergarten

VUSD Free Apps/Icons added to all iPads

  • AR RenPlace (see validation at left)
  • BrainPop Jr. (login info at left)
  • ChatterPix Kids (see how-to)
  • Endless Numbers and Endless Reader
  • Epic Ebooks (free account required)
  • Find Sums (MathTrappers)
  • Front Row and iStation (Markham only)
  • Gateway
  • MobyMax (shortcut to school subscription)
  • Quick Math Jr.
  • Reading Eggs (Subscription Required)
  • Reading Train
  • Starfall ABC (see note at left)